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7 things my iPhone taught me today…

This morning my iPhone was totally fine one minute. Then? I went to text someone about an upcoming call, and…Nothing. Wouldn’t turn on at all!

FINALLY got it to come alive, but then it was telling me it needed to be restored. In the meantime, I had gone to iCloud to get the phone number of the person I had been wanting to text….and…What? NOTHING there!?

Okay. Seriously – I started to panic a little at this point. My virtual life passed before my eyes….


WHAT will I DO?

Fast forward… Apple Genius Bar went to Restore the phone – saying, with much compassion and kindness, like a doctor in those very hard moments, “It simply has to be done.”

She plugged it in and – BLING – my phone CAME ALIVE! Like – totally normal alive! As if it had an issue at all kind of alive!

Now they bring in the techie of tech’s, right? Calvin. Oooh… So, Calvin takes it and TRIES to make it happen again! Can’t do it.

What did my iPhone teach me from all this?
Three very important 7 things:
1) Pray first! (If nothing else, at least when driving there, I felt way better! And who knows, maybe the Infinite Divine decided to revive my phone!? :-)
2) Breathe in pink – blow out black…..allow the Peace of Trust and Faith IN – even in the midst….
3) Remain grateful for the technology that works so well when it is working
4) Back up to iTunes at least monthly. iCloud doesn’t FULLY back up EVERYTHING
5) Remember which Apple ID you have your iCloud backing up to – or you might panic needlessly when checking the WRONG Apple ID – like you might actually start to feel very afraid…. :-)
6) Even in the midst, it is possible to remember that – regardless of the outcome, everything will, ultimately, work out and be fine. (I was actually able to do some of this in moments of this….)
7) Trust in hot shot techies named Calvin. Heck maybe trust in anyone named Calvin. (Haven’t met a bad one of those yet!) :-)


So – other than now having no idea if this will happen again, all is very, very well. :-) Another Happy Ending for the day.

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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