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Seeing the finish line…

Yesterday, I posted on Facebook about my challenges due to “Senioritis” with school. It has been especially difficult to get myself to get to the work, especially writing papers. The support I received shifted things for me! At the end of the day, I felt lighter about it all, more capable. I was gonna make it to that finish line after all!

This morning, Z and I scheduled in our calendars – the infamous EXAMS.

These are six, two-hour “opportunities” (word ☺) for reflecting upon ALL we’ve learned in this long, intense, and fabulous Masters in Consciousness Studies program.

Yup. You heard me. Twelve HOURS of comprehensive tests.

Okay. So it COULD be an option to stress out…again
…more, about school.

Odd as it is, this is NOT my response this morning. I am finding myself very grateful. Excited. I think am experiencing what runners encounter after a long race. We probably all have had this, when turning that (proverbial) corner and actually more »

7 things my iPhone taught me today…

This morning my iPhone was totally fine one minute. Then? I went to text someone about an upcoming call, and…Nothing. Wouldn’t turn on at all!

FINALLY got it to come alive, but then it was telling me it needed to be restored. In the meantime, I had gone to iCloud to get the phone number of the person I had been wanting to text….and…What? NOTHING there!?

Okay. Seriously – I started to panic a little at this point. My virtual life passed before my eyes….


WHAT will I DO?

Fast forward… Apple Genius Bar went to Restore the phone – saying, with much compassion and kindness, like a doctor in those very hard moments, “It simply has to be done.”

She plugged it in and – BLING – my phone CAME ALIVE! Like – totally normal alive! As if it had an issue at all kind of alive!

Now they bring in the techie of tech’s, right? Calvin. Oooh… So, Calvin takes it more »

If I had to choose…I’d take…um…

I do think that the ultimate is to kiss with the truth. But there have been times, I know, when my intention to do so has felt more like a slap.

I have certainly been the one slapped with the truth at times! But I do notice that when it’s really a slap, the sting sometimes clouds my ability to feel through to the truth. Whenever someone has taken the care to communicate a truth with as much kindness behind their conscious intention, as much love as possible around the truth, I can let it in much sooner. And it just feels better!

But if I had to choose, I’d take…um…well, that’s easy, right? Slapped with truth any day over kissed with a lie! We’ve all had that yucky experience….icky-pooh! No thank you!

Kiss with Truth today, k?

But most of all: Let your self be kissed with the Truth of your own divine nature! There’s the best choice of all, in my opinion!

Love you…. m

One little phrase that says it all…

Last weekend, I attended a wonderful retreat for school. In a ceremony at the end, nine of us officially became seniors.

It was a short ritual. But it reminded me of the power of ceremony. After that little event, it hit me: This is going to be finished for me – this walk of school – all the time, the money, papers, reading, tests, panels, time, money, time, money… It is going to be complete! In fact, specifically, on June 14, 2014….finished…

It reminds me, again, of that one little phrase that says it all. I turn to it in challenging times – I sometimes prefer NOT to recall it in the midst of happy days – but it’s always true: This too shall pass.

“It has come to pass.” IT being every-thing! :-)

And yet – there is the One – right in the midst and through it more »

Who is the real love of my life?

I admit it. I am in love.

This love has blessed my life in more ways than I can say, and more ways than I even know! This love has allowed me to be more at peace in each moment, knowing that I am completely safe in the world. That was something I did NOT used to know! :-)

This love allows me to walk each day SO grateful for the amazing gifts of my life that seem to go on and on in a never-ending stream of blessings.

This love allows me to love my lil self more and more fully, radically even, every day. And as I grow in my love for my self, I feel more and more comfortable with a better and better life. And then, like “magic,” I HAVE a better a better life!

So. Who is the real love of my life? Please, forgive the Valentine’s Day faux pau as I celebrate the true number one love in my life – my beloved, divine Spirit. more »

What does a tree have to do with my daily practice?

I had a realization this morning. Maybe you’ve heard this, or known this deeply yourself. But it was present for me at a whole new level today.

It’s possible for me to go through life, always growing and becoming more of who I want to be in the world, without ever rejecting myself. It is within the world of possibility that I could live so fully in the awareness of my true divine nature, that I wouldn’t ever consider telling myself that just because I made a mistake, I suck.


If I believe (as I do) that every one of us is made of the stuff that is Life Itself, that one divine essence through all things, then how could I suck? Unless I am saying that Spirit sucks? No. I wouldn’t say this.

I found this entertaining to think about. I started imagining myself receiving feedback, say from my sweetheart that I had done something less-than-kind. Let’s just say I took that as information. I looked at it as if it were a little pebble and I am a scientist, more »

How did technology hurt me? And what’s that got to do with breakfast?

I recently read a book that completely changed my life! It’s called ‘Shrink Yourself,’ by Roger Gould, M.D. It’s subtitle? “Break free from emotional eating forever!” You get the idea.

As an addict in recovery, I am aware of my tendency to avoid emotions. And I have dealt with many food addictions. I don’t eat sugar, dairy or gluten because my body doesn’t do well digesting these. Sugar is actually in its own category, way beyond “not digesting it well.” More like “it turns me into a crazy person.” But that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about technology, and how it hurt me. And what’s that got to do with breakfast?

Good question!

‘Shrink Yourself’ encourages us to explore what aspect of life we believe we are powerless over.

In journaling, I discovered that one of the most triggering for me was technology. I’ more »

Want to know my Equation for Happiness?

We learned in school that 2+2=4
I imagine there are quantum physicists that can prove that this is not, in fact, true. But it certainly works for everyday functioning.

Last night, Z and I were talking about New Year’s Resolutions. And it occurred to me that this wouldn’t make any sense for me any more.

Is this because my life is absolutely perfect and I no longer have any desires? Nope.

It’s because I am consistently aware of my next greatest good. I daily do my spiritual practices. I regularly surrender to what is. I also practice awareness of my thoughts, consciousness and vibration. In doing this, I am saying “yes” to the Universe, allowing myself to receive the abundant good It has for me.

In talking about New Year Resolutions, I realized that I am always in the midst of what I have come to call spiritual projects. This is where I used to put my spiritual resolutions (or evolutions, as the case may be). This is the one time a year I would declare what more »

Celebrating the Light that is You

The Light of Christmas is You

Merry Christmas to you, whether this holiday is the particular one you celebrate this time of year or not. The Light that is YOU is worth celebrating, for sure! And the Light that we celebrate as Christmas, in so many traditions and religions, is the Truth of YOU!

I, for one, am celebrating the light that is you today. Blessings to you this holiday season, and always.

What’s the 27 inches that will change my life?

I resisted. I struggled. I tried EVERYTHING to avoid it.

I had it all planned out. I was going to do this in a year, or maybe two.

But finally, the time came. I had to do it. I had to break down and get a new computer for my studio.

I was feeling sorry for myself. I was cranky about this. I had to spend money that was earmarked for recording my next CD! I was NOT happy about this.

But then, I saw it. Last night. I’ll be picking it up tonight from The Mac Advantage.

The 27 inches that will change my life.

So now? Now I am both scared and excited. I am scared about the learning curve that might be ahead of me, installing and learning new versions of my trusty software.

But I am EXCITED! I am going to be able to do more things, more easily with this. And I’ll be able to do it faster! Like WAY WAY WAY faster!

This got me thinking this morning. I was ruminating about other times I’ve procrastinated a big change, when the more »