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Sweet Release

Today I am reminded – Releasing resistance is a key to happiness in EVERY LITTLE THING! This morning I watched myself struggle with this small issue. The pair of pants I’d sewn for X-mas Eve Services at Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa don’t work! Oh dear God….It felt like such a HUGE thing to me last night, when I discovered this!

Okay sure, I have to make a new plan. And find the time to do that plan…. But, seriously? My chattering-mind wanted to make this a tragedy! And beat myself up for it too, you know, as long as the door was open. :-)

And now, once again, I feel the sweet release of allowing….When I let go, I feel this sweet release whether I’ve let go of a small things, or larger – same letting go and letting things be as they are – Saying to Spirit, “Okay…” Same sweet release.

“Yes, and…..” more »

Safe in the World

This past year, I’ve become aware that I tended to avoid all things involving communication. I understand that this is motivated by the part of me that is afraid of people. THIS comes from an old story that says I am not safe in the world – that people will hurt me.

But I can see that for many years now, I have been safe in the world!

I am very grateful for this new version of me who knows this old story is not true! SHE is allowing me to pick up the phone, write the email, and go to the public event! She is connecting, and getting sh** done! And I LOVE that! :-)

Criticizing Spirit

Today I had an intense emotional reactivation and wasn’t sure what was up. I reviewed things to figure it out. I had had a reaction to seeing a video of myself. I thought badly about myself when I saw it.

I realized that the moodiness wasn’t about the video per se. It was the internal response of the greater part of me – the part who knows that I was telling myself a lie!

Ultimately, my inner critic was criticizing Spirit. And that always feels really bad!

I was able to remind myself of the Truth. Amazingly (only kind of) I immediately felt way better! :-)

Yay Truth! ♥

Please remember to tell the Truth about you more! k? Luv…

Choose Your People

As I look back at my life, I can see a trajectory of sorts. It’s as if I can see a linear graph – my evolution of consciousness represented by looking at the people I am drawn to spend the most time with.

What I know about this is that vibrations and energy are contagious. I know this from performing, for one thing. If we watch someone sing a song or say lines to a movie or play, and they aren’t IN the emotions, WE don’t feel it!

I used to sing sad songs for a living. Then I realized I had to choose between performing them well by feeling them deeply, or singing without my heart in it.

I chose to stop singing those songs for a living at that point. Good choice for me.

Ever notice that after hanging out with some people, you just feel better? You walk away with an extra little bounce in your step than when you walked in? I do.

And then there are people, some of whom I love deeply and very much enjoy being with, whom I leave feeling worse. I have gotten more aware of this in my life the past few years.

I am not suggesting we never hang out with a friend in grief. Dear God, no.

I am talking about sitting in the Present moment, aware of the conversations and our part in them. Are more »

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Chirping in the Rain – Turning to Gratitude

One morning recently, I was having a really difficult time emotionally. It’s funny how this works. Now I can’t even recall what was going on…why I was so bummed out. But I was. And it was R-E-A-L to me at the time!

But I managed to get myself out for a morning walk regardless. It was just starting to rain during my walk. I thought this was fitting. It matched my mood. Outside, it was gray and foggy, drizzling and misty. Just like I was feeling inside!

And then I heard them. Birds. Chirping! Right there in the foggy, drizzling rain. Chirping away like it was spring-time!

I had “a moment.” This is what they mean when they say that we can honor our feelings in the moment and, at the same time, notice where there might be something to – well – chirp about. :-)

The birds reminded me that even if it is gray outside, and seems grey inside, I can search (and more »

Yes And…

I’m a New Person