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Catching Up (to our Selves)

I have a new theory about life. We spend our lives catching up to the selves we have become.

Here’s the most recent example in my life. I have been feeling like it’s time for me to leave more of my weekends open. To step away from singing and teaching every weekend at a spiritual center somewhere in the country. After all, I am also very happily & gratefully working with clients at home during the week as well. And I love this work!

I’ve been feeling tired. I have been feeling this way, more and more strongly now, for months. The thing is that my calendar gets booked anywhere from three to six months ahead. When one does the math, they might notice that there seems to be a period of time when “she” will be traveling and performing on some weekends for some time after she decided it would be better if she did not.

I certainly do love singing, speaking and teaching at centers and spiritual events. Calling it work doesn’t even seem quite more »

Think I’m Delusional?

I’m writing this while on a plane from Phoenix to Oakland. It’s been a very long day. It’s 9 p.m. I started my day at 5:45 a.m and I haven’t stopped today. It’s been fun and wonderful, just “a lot.”

In addition to all this, I seem to have gotten food poisoning from the dinner I ate on the way to the airport. It’s been a long time since I’ve had food poisoning.
I was feeling progressively more nauseous as I approached security. Just as I got to the guy who was going to check my I.D, I could feel it. I was not going to make it another minute. I asked him, very abruptly, where I might go to throw up – like now. He looked a little panicked and then pointed out a garbage can against the wall. As I speed-walked over, I suggested to the couple standing next to it that they may prefer to move. After I let them know why, they moved very quickly away. Then I did. I was ill. Right there. Gosh. Such a private thing to do in such a public place. But it’s not like I had a choice.

Then I felt better. I walked to my gate, waited and got on the plane all while feeling notably better. Right until we took off.
Just after taking off, I could feel it again. So you know those little bags they have on planes? I found one right in front of me! And more »

Having a Pet As a Spiritual Practice

Last night I was grateful to sleep for a full night, deeply. The night before? Not so much.

Our kitty, Lucy, had discovered a mouse during the day. Z called me to warn me that the cat had a mouse. She was on her way out of town and wanted me to know what I was coming home to. It made coming home very . . . well . . . different.

Aware that my thoughts help to create my reality, I came home scared. Yes, I was cognizant of the fact that if it came down to a battle between me and a mouse, I would surely win. But my mind did not feel calmed sufficiently by this. Honestly. I was freaked out!

I kept recalling the night years before when a mouse, thinking it was running to safety from the cat who was chasing it, ran UP MY PANTLEG! No kidding. Now that was a shock. One of those things I laugh about today.

I did not see this mouse though. Not until after I heard it. I figured I’d fall asleep and command myself to sleep through any noises. If I heard noises, I would know what they might be, after all. So how about I sleep through them? Not so.

First I started to hear those high little squeaks. I had forgotten they made that sound. Heartbreaking sound, that.

Torn between wanting to save the mouse and wanting to have Lucy finish its more »

Love to Japan and all Beings (excerpt by Jeff Anderson)

This is and excerpt taken from my dear friend Jeff Anderson’s post. May it serve and support you as it has me. This is only the ending of the article entitled Radiation, Ripples, and Human Consciousness:

Today, I changed my mind. I opened my heart and felt the suffering of the
world. It was oppressive. I chose to bring love to it. The suffering did not
disappear, but it did shift. Love infused my tears.

We can and should ache. To not do so would be to deny our humanity. But let
us not forget, in this time of global human suffering, that there is a
transformative power within each and every one of us that has the power to
affect, to offset to a greater or lesser degree, that suffering. Nothing, no
crisis, however great, can strip us of our ability to bring the
transformative power of love to any situation, any person, at any moment.

Doing so may not solve all of the worlds challenges overnight. But it may
allow us, as a species, to navigate those challenges with more compassion,
more understanding, and, without question, with more love.

My prayer for Japan this night?

Tonight I sit in holy silence. I am fully present to love in the midst of
pain. I will not turn from you. I am more »

Old Feelings are not Now

Fighting a Bug and Noticing New Ways of Being

Yesterday morning was the second time in a month that it’s happened. Waking up in the morning to the signs of a flu coming. You know. Little things. A slight pain in the throat upon swallowing or, this time, intense pain in my ear, accompanied by pain on the same side of my throat and an achy feeling all over. Okay. Not always subtle.

There was a time when my philosophy was that if I was going to feel bad, I might as well be productive while feeling that way! Makes sense to me still.

But today I know that if I go there – if I get up and go on a day like this – I am bound to feel worse (maybe way worse) tomorrow. But! I can stop myself (or the go-getter in me) from go-go-going, cancel whatever plans I have and rest. When I stay in bed, meditate, pound down the herbal remedies, watch movies and sleep  – and disengage from the outside world – I can be assured that I will almost always feel better tomorrow.

Today was one of those rare “day twos” like this. How did I know? Another scratchy throat? Not this time. What it took this morning was checking in with myself. I mean checking in with that part of me that knows better than the go-getter-person. I call it so many things, but for today I’ll just call it “the part of me that knows.” more »

First Video Blog – New Beginning

Tenacity as a Spiritual Practice


te·na·cious (adjective)

1. determined or stubborn – tending to stick firmly to a decision, plan, or opinion without changing or doubting it

2. persistent – persisting for a long time and difficult to change, destroy, or get rid of

In my very first video blog, recorded about a week ago (no, not yet posted) I talked about choosing goals and intentions that we can be tenacious with. It’s been one of my favorite words lately. I do that with words. Tenacious is a great one.

I decide to be tenacious about something. It changes my level of intention to a higher level. It’s a good thing for me. Supportive. Inspiring.

And so I recorded the blog on my new video camera. And then I went to easily upload it to youtube and my site. And what did I find? Apple incompatibility issues. It happens with Mac computers and other devices sometimes.

So I have been, now and then, an hour here and an hour there, going on more »

You don’t have to go it alone!

The Power of Community

Community at the Annual Celebration of Life, 2008

I have a confession to make.

I used to be afraid of people. I didn’t realize this until years into my training with don Miguel Ruiz. I was performing at one of his larger events when I suddenly realized that I was more comfortable ON stage than off!

I was literally terrified of people!

I’m reflecting back on this as I pack to head to WomanSpirit, an more »

How to deepen your connection to Spirit instantly.

A Chants to Love

Just released! My newest CD of transformational chants.

Spiritual traditions have been doing it for thousands of years. Scientists are confirming its power through research. Entire books are written about it.

It has transformed my life… and it could transform yours.

What is it?

Singing your prayers!

Singing and chanting not only produce immediate physical and emotional benefits, they are more »