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Not if I wanna be happy…

Around November of last year, I made a clear and powerful intention for myself. To heal and transform the experience of chaos and drama in my relationships with time and money. Magic. It is happening! It has been so fabulous to watch this new life, this new me showing up.

I have made some difficult choices since making that declaration. For instance, I let go of the plan to start ministerial training last quarter. I may or may not start it at some later time, when it might be he right thing for this new life I am living. I think that time will come, but I am not attached to it any more.

The other day I heard myself say something. Then I was shocked to have said it.

I was talking with my prayer partner. My little alarm went off on my calendar device, to notify me of my next activity. We were both quite amazed that an hour had passed and we had not prayer yet! 

I said, “I have to go.

She said, “…not even a laser prayer?”

And I heard myself say, “Not more »

Time-Saving Devices?

Sometimes, in the midst of making strides to simplify my life, I find myself wondering: does technology really help me to streamline or does it just complicate things?

I know that in my day-to-day work, I LOVE being able to type and edit (heck – RECORD and edit!) and to print, and send e-mails, text, all that fun stuff. But I recently have been questioning this term: time-saving device.

I am about to start paying bills online. I realize that I am one of the later hold-outs on this. Perhaps you’ve been doing this for years by now, like my own mother has. I imagine it really will be an improvement. Better for the environment – unless you take into account the time spent on my computer and the power that takes – and better certainly in terms of stamps and maybe even ease. Right?

But I tried my first little outing for that last night. And what did I get? A page that said I couldn’t do it now. I called and indeed, their whole system was down. 

Then it occurred to me: more »

Live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

This past Sunday, at the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, I heard a quote that made me go “mmm.” Profound and powerful, as so many of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s remarks are, this one struck me deeply:

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” 

As I learn to love my self more fully – with the practice of not rejecting any aspects or emotions of ”me” that I don’t like – of loving even those places – I grow in my ability to do the same for others. It seems so natural, this evolution. And yet there have certainly been times when I have tried to have compassion for someone else when I could not yet accept the same thing in me. It hasn’t gone well.

Actually, I have found that if I want to know what I have not yet come to be able to love in myself, I can simply watch for what drives me crazy about other people. Ouch. I just hate that! more »

Celebrating Brian’s Graduation – A Concept

This morning, in my meditation, I had this new feeling about my friend’s passing.

There is a concept: that we humans come here to do some good in the lives of other people or to support the evolution of their consciousness in this lifetime. Whatever that good is, that that is what our time here is about.


Imagine a staff meeting. The Board of Directors (God) says, “okay, it’s time for Essence JT to go to the next level. This time he is to learn compassion at a higher level. Who is willing to step up to support JT by becoming a human with a mental imbalance who ends up being a homeless person sitting in front of JT’s place of work every morning, begging? This will give JT the opportunity to graduate to the next level of compassion. I realize this is a little bit of a bummer gig, but it is what we need for JT. So who is willing to love JT enough to go and play the part of Homeless Guy?”

 Silence. And then, from the back of the room, a little voice rings forth, “I will. I will do it!”

The room parts and up comes the sweetest little love light of a being, HG. And HG says “I’ll go and more »

The Universe is Loving Me & Life without Brian

Oops – lost my groove – of writing on my blog.

What happened is that one of my very dearest and closest friends of 26 years, the most awesome soundman ever, Brian Connolly, died suddenly in his sleep, at the age of 51 years old. That was the morning of March 10 – and there ya’ have it. That is “where I’ve been”.

Grief is such a strange walk – it’s very own thing, or place, for sure. It’s been amazing to practice presencing myself in the Now when there is such shock there…and the deep sadness that is waiting there in waves. I think I must thank God for the waves…for I imagine I could not take it if I were to actually “get it” in one moment alone…

Grief. It is simply it’s very own thing.

Since that morning, when I got “the call”, I’ve had some events and appointments I felt I needed to keep. I was teaching, speaking with and supporting clients on the phone and in person, and singing at Centers, all while absorbing this new information, this new life. My life without Brian in it. It may take me years to fully absorb this, or maybe I never really will – I think maybe we just kind of get used to it.

So – all that has been happening within me, and I HAD been trying to keep up my schedule…. And so more »

Save Every Little Drop

Today I started writing songs for this children’s project I am joining in on with my brother, Randy, and his business partner (and my dear friend) Murray. This first CD will be all environmental songs for kids…and I started today by writing a song about conserving water.

The thing is that while I was writing, I forgot how literal kids can be. One of the lines was “save every little drop of rain”, but then it was pointed out to me that this could very well really freak children out. A picture was painted of them watching the water go down the drain and crying, thinking they were really doing it wrong, letting anything go down the drain.

I was wondering, then. How close can we, as adults, get to this…without the freaking out part, of course. It just made me wonder. How much water COULD I save in little things I do.

I read that every person who turns off the water while brushing their teeth saves 50 GALLONS of water a WEEK! For a family of four, that’d be 520,000 GALLONS of water saved in a YEAR! JUST by turning off the water while brushing our teeth! GOODNESS! (Literally)

Where else can I be a little closer to the freaked out kid I imagined (and will rewrite the words to avoid creating), all the while doing it with love, more »

This year's Easter is VERY unsusual!

I thought this was cool! It was sent to me by my friend Rev. Joyce who said it came to her, originally from Rev. Peggy Price, via the United Ministers’ listserv:

Easter is always the 1st Sunday after the 1st full moon after the Spring Equinox, (which is March 20). This dating of Easter is based on the lunar calendar that Hebrew people used to identify Passover, which is why it moves around on our Roman calendar. Based on the above, Easter can actually be one day earlier (March 22) but that is pretty rare.

Here’s the interesting info: This year is the earliest Easter any of us will ever see the rest of our lives! And only the most elderly of our population have ever seen it this early (95 years old or above!). And none of us have ever, or will ever, see it a day earlier!

Here are the facts:
1) The next time Easter will be this early (March 23) will be the year 2228 (220 years from now). The last time it was this early was 1913 (so if you’re 95 or older, you are the only ones that were around for that!).
2) The next time it will be a day earlier, March 22, will be in the year 2285 (277 years from now). The last time it was on March 22 was 1818. So, no one alive today has or will ever see it any earlier than this year!

Today is Speical!

Okay – I know every day is special, after all.
But it JUST occurred to me, as the day is closing (sun is setting that is) here – I HAVE to add a blog today with the awrareness that I can’t do that again on this date for YEARS!

That’s all.
Just wanted to say – Happy Leap Year Day!
Jump for Joy!
Or leap, if you must.

Loving you, Melissa

Little Prizes from Spirit

I LOVE God’s amazing timing sometimes…
I had called our house in Hawaii when I was on the way to the airport, on my way here. I left myself a message to call some dear friends of ours’ whom I was missing and wanting to connect with. It had been about 4 or 5 months since we had connected at all.

And today? They called us here! They were in Santa Rosa and were wanting to connect with us. We missed them there but got to connect on the phone, and I didn’t even have to dial!

Don’t you just LOVE those synchronistic timing things?

Okay – but then we had an extra-added fun thing tonight after I’d written this, this morning.

My husband, David’s, cousin and his wife had been planning to come visit us here in Hawaii this coming weekend. We were all set to have them here Saturday night – and then we found out that they had ended up in a B’nB in our town, without even knowing it was “our town” (we hadn’t given them our address here yet). Anyway – so we were up in town tonight – taking a walk and decided now that we knew that they were staying just down the street, we wanted to see if we could connect with them, and maybe see them, BEFORE Saturday morning.

So we decided to head home and call them. We more »

Starting a new thing!

Well – here I am, writing my first ever blog! WooHOO!

I know this makes me sound old, but I remember the day when none of us even HAD e-mail. Even days when we had to handwrite things! Goodness – that was, indeed, WAY “back in the day”. (Not sure: Is “back in the day” now a back in the day kind of saying?)

Anyway – it’s 2008. And here I am, on my flight to Hawaii, typing away on my fabulous laptop in order to stay ever more connected with YOU! What a miracle! And they just keep on coming too (the miracles I mean)!

I was told recently to be sure I don’t wait until I have profound things to say in order to sit down and write on this blog. It was quite freeing actually. I think that must be why I have resisted for so long. How can I possibly be deep and fresh and wise on a daily or weekly or regular basis? Oh yeah – I CAN just be ME on a daily basis! Share “her” with YOU – and there we are – profoundly fresh and real whether or not wise.

So welcome to a new world, I say to me and you both. Welcome to my blog!