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My passion for Spirit, music and supporting others pours through everything I do. I've spoken and led workshops at spiritual centers and events around the world for over 20 years.

I've been performing music since the days when I opened for the likes of Jerry Garcia and Kenny Loggins back in the day. I provided music for don Miguel Ruiz's events for many years. I've also spent 9 years as the music director at 3 different spiritual centers.

Not only am I professional and organized in both speaking and singing, I know how to read audiences and take them deeper or higher, depending on what is called for.

I look forward to working with you to make your event an amazing success!

"Melissa has a tremendous range of possibilities to bring to an event. She is able to melt a room into quiet transcendence with her piano and voice, or get everyone on their feet moving and dancing. She is a profound teacher, gracious partner and a strong leader on her own"

Allan Hardman
Author, Toltec Master and Workshop Leader

"You were a hit. You had us laughing, crying, thinking and singing. I've always loved your musical talent, but had no idea you were such a gifted speaker."

Rev. Michael Moran, Spiritual Life Center, Sacramento, CA

"Melissa's music will touch your spirit and her lyrics will heal your heart"

John Gray
Author, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

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How my speaking can support you:

  • I am able to provide an inspirational keynote speech as well as Sunday message for your spiritual center
  • I have a varied repertoire of powerful workshops available to offer your community or can custom design one based on your needs
  • I have a down-to-earth, playful style of imparting deep information and wisdom
  • My history of overcoming many challenges, including drug addiction (over 20 years sobriety), is a rich source of insight and compassion that deepens my message
  • My talks are inspirational and filled with spiritual messages of hope and possibility
  • My topics can include: The 5 Agreements (The Toltec Path), Creating Your Reality, Grace Under Pressure or the topic of your choice
  • I love to weave music and interactivity into my talks to empower the message and make it memorable and fun


How my music can support you:

  • If I’m opening for you as a performer, I can sing people into a heart space so they’re more receptive when you speak
  • I can take care of all of your music needs – singing and/or playing the keyboard solo and directing additional musicians and background singers based on your needs
  • I can perform all contemporary styles of music – from spiritual chants to rock and roll – drawing on the songs I’ve written as well as covers of other popular songs
  • I am able to write a custom song or chant for the theme of your talk or event

Contact me to book me for your event.