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Home SWEET Home

Hello there,

I had hoped that I was going to be able to update my blog and stay more connected while I was traveling this past couple of months. I was in Santa Barbara, then after 4 days went off to Hawaii to pack up my things from what has been my home there. I was back in No. CA for about 8 days and then off to Ukraine, home 5 and to Cape Cod for a week. WHEW!

I have been asekd so here it is:

Ukraine was absolutely fabulous. It was inspiring and mind-opening, as travel to foreign countries seems to always be for me… and a big part of this was simply appreciating where I live, so grateful for my friends and family and more »

Cracked Open

I’ve experienced it many times after returning home from a workshop or retreat. I used to feel it after coming home after spending a long time in Hawaii.

That quiet, gentle, tender, squishy feeling. Soft and surrendered. Cracked open.

Such a beautiful feeling. Deep and powerful, yet soft and so very, very sweet. I find myself crying at just about anything tender.

And sometimes I get a little scared about going back out into the “regular world.” It seems like the rest of the world doesn’t have the same sensitivity going on at all. And it can feel quite frightening.

And yet, I consistently find that when I remain open, more »

Just a Hello from Hawaii in the Midst of Change

This was actually written and didn’t get posted – oops – September 7, 2009

More change. What’s with that anyway?

Cruising along, thinking life is amazing, which of course it is. And WHAM!

There’s a line from ‘Kicking & Screaming (Down the Path of Transformation)’: “I get to thinking I can handle any old change. Then something new shows up. My life is rearranged, and suddenly I’m struggling and feeling so strange as I go kicking and screaming down the path of transformation.”

Whether it’s a new relationship, going back to school, or just a brand new consciousness, more »

Recalculating Route

Have you ever used one of those GPS systems with audio? Whenever you go in some direction other than what the program had in mind, it will say “recalculating route.” It’s quite a bit robotic and can be very funny, especially if you’re with someone and lost and punchy…for instance.

This message can be quite reassuring when you’re lost. First of all, you know you just took a turn IT didn’t have in mind for you to take! But there are times when it’s actually better to go another way than it thinks. In those times, it can be quite entertaining regardless.

This is my new favorite sayings for life. As I get to thinking I more »

Doing the Un-natural

I have a dear friend who is struggling, once again (still), with staying sober. Before I was about to go in to the hospital to visit them, I called another friend in sobriety for support.

He said there’s a guy at meetings he hears all the time say, “I am not even the littlest bit surprised when I hear another person has gone out and used and died. What I am amazed about is that you are here, in this room. Any of you!”

When I responded that, yes, indeed, the statistics certainly are against us. He said the greatest thing:
“Well – it is un-natural for an addict NOT to use!”

What a great (and true) statement. more »

How Time Flies

I can not believe how much time has passed since I wrote in this blog! Yikes!

I have been to Hawaii, to both the Big Island and to Lanai and also to Mexico (to be there with my beloveds, David [husband] and Miguel [Ruiz]). Awesome blessing of a journey – all of it!

I have been reading a friend’s blog now and then, and THEY just have the littlest things in it! So I am doing that now…letting myself off the hook if I don’t have some grand inspirational message.

I have had a whole new level of experience of living IN the light AS the light of late though. But it is so challenging to write about it.

It seems to be more »

The Next Big Thing

It’s amazing to me to watch people’s lives unfold. It’s entertaining to me to see how clear it is. We create an opening within ourselves to a new level of good and then it comes to us. But in between, we work it, if we are working it (or maybe it works us) until it seems like a completely fitting thing to be in our life.

What I mean is that we stretch. When we “do our work” we stretch our minds. We are stretching our receiving of the Good more »

Not if I wanna be happy…

Around November of last year, I made a clear and powerful intention for myself. To heal and transform the experience of chaos and drama in my relationships with time and money. Magic. It is happening! It has been so fabulous to watch this new life, this new me showing up.

I have made some difficult choices since making that declaration. For instance, I let go of the plan to start ministerial training last quarter. I may or may not start it at some later time, when it might be he right thing for this more »

Time-Saving Devices?

Sometimes, in the midst of making strides to simplify my life, I find myself wondering: does technology really help me to streamline or does it just complicate things?

I know that in my day-to-day work, I LOVE being able to type and edit (heck – RECORD and edit!) and to print, and send e-mails, text, all that fun stuff. But I recently have been questioning this term: time-saving device.

I am about to start paying bills online. I realize that I am one of the later hold-outs on this. Perhaps you’ve been doing this more »

Live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

This past Sunday, at the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, I heard a quote that made me go “mmm.” Profound and powerful, as so many of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s remarks are, this one struck me deeply:

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” 

As I learn to love my self more fully – with the practice of not rejecting any aspects or more »