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Ever have a dream you still need to grow into? Choose to believe…

Chirping in the Rain – Turning to Gratitude

One morning recently, I was having a really difficult time emotionally. It’s funny how this works. Now I can’t even recall what was going on…why I was so bummed out. But I was. And it was R-E-A-L to me at the time!

But I managed to get myself out for a morning walk regardless. It was just starting to rain during my walk. I thought this was fitting. It matched more »

Yes And…

I’m a New Person

Catching Up (to our Selves)

I have a new theory about life. We spend our lives catching up to the selves we have become.

Here’s the most recent example in my life. I have been feeling like it’s time for me to leave more of my weekends open. To step away from singing and teaching every weekend at a spiritual center somewhere in the country. After all, I am also more »

Think I’m Delusional?

I’m writing this while on a plane from Phoenix to Oakland. It’s been a very long day. It’s 9 p.m. I started my day at 5:45 a.m and I haven’t stopped today. It’s been fun and wonderful, just “a lot.”

In addition to all this, I seem to have gotten food poisoning from the dinner I ate on the way to the airport. It’s been a long time since I’ve had food poisoning.
I was feeling progressively more nauseous as I approached security. Just as I got to the guy who was going to check my I.D, I could feel it. I was not going to make it another minute. I asked him, very abruptly, where I might go to throw up – like now. He more »

Fighting a Bug and Noticing New Ways of Being

Yesterday morning was the second time in a month that it’s happened. Waking up in the morning to the signs of a flu coming. You know. Little things. A slight pain in the throat upon swallowing or, this time, intense pain in my ear, accompanied by pain on the same side of my throat and an achy feeling all over. Okay. Not always subtle.

There was a time when my philosophy was that if I was going to feel bad, I might as well be productive while feeling that way! Makes sense to me still.

But today I know that if I go there – if I get up and go on a day like this – I am bound to feel worse (maybe way worse) tomorrow. But! I can stop more »