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If I had to choose…I’d take…um…

I do think that the ultimate is to kiss with the truth. But there have been times, I know, when my intention to do so has felt more like a slap.

I have certainly been the one slapped with the truth at times! But I do notice that when it’s really a slap, the sting sometimes clouds my ability to feel through to the truth. Whenever someone more »

Want to know my Equation for Happiness?

We learned in school that 2+2=4
I imagine there are quantum physicists that can prove that this is not, in fact, true. But it certainly works for everyday functioning.

Last night, Z and I were talking about New Year’s Resolutions. And it occurred to me that this wouldn’t make any sense for me any more.

Is this because my life is absolutely perfect and I no more »

Love to Japan and all Beings (excerpt by Jeff Anderson)

This is and excerpt taken from my dear friend Jeff Anderson’s post. May it serve and support you as it has me. This is only the ending of the article entitled Radiation, Ripples, and Human Consciousness:

Today, I changed my mind. I opened my heart and felt the suffering of the
world. It was oppressive. I chose to bring love to it. The suffering did not
disappear, but it did shift. Love infused my tears.

We can and should ache. To not do so would be to deny our humanity. But let
us not forget, in this time of global human suffering, that there is a
transformative power within each and every one of us that more »