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Celebrating Brian’s Graduation – A Concept

This morning, in my meditation, I had this new feeling about my friend’s passing.

There is a concept: that we humans come here to do some good in the lives of other people or to support the evolution of their consciousness in this lifetime. Whatever that good is, that that is what our time here is about.


Imagine a staff meeting. The Board of Directors (God) says, “okay, it’s time for Essence JT to go to the next level. This time he is to learn compassion at a higher level. Who is willing to step up to support JT by becoming a human with a mental imbalance who ends up being a homeless person sitting in front of JT’s place of work every morning, begging? This will give JT the opportunity to graduate to the next level of compassion. I realize this is a little bit of a bummer gig, but it is what we need for JT. So who is willing to love JT enough to go and play the part of Homeless Guy?”

 Silence. And then, from the back of the room, a little voice rings forth, “I will. I will do it!”

The room parts and up comes the sweetest little love light of a being, HG. And HG says “I’ll go and be Homeless Guy if it means JT can move to the next level.”

This means that HG playing Homeless Guy and JT playing Mr. Joe Thompson will be here in bodies until he, JT, has come to a new level of compassion, supported by his little hero, TN, otherwise known this time around as Homeless Guy. With me?

If this is any semblance of any variation of what happens, then doesn’t it make sense that when JT and/or HG leave the planet, all the other little Essences (that would be the rest of us in bodies) would have a little Graduation Party? They would leave only when they had achieved what they had come to achieve, or given or served in the other’s evolution in whatever way they had “signed up for.” So wouldn’t we naturally celebrate their victory?

If it IS true that there is some reason to why we are here, whether that be for our own evolution of consciousness, or the evolution of the consciousness of others in our lives, then we let go of these bodies when we have succeeded in accomplishing that service. We die when we have completed our purpose for having come.

Now, mind you, I am not saying I know the reason for us incarnating or having bodies or for Life Itself. No way. I am not even saying that there IS a reason, necessarily, but it is one possibility, certainly.

If this were so, then wouldn’t the appropriate response to someone’s graduation (ie; death of the physical body) be to celebrate? Along this line of thinking, we’d be so happy for them that they did their thing. They did it! Woohoo! They did what they came to do!

It seems logical to me that this would be so. And this morning, along with my grief and sadness for my friend’s not being here in a body to hang out and play with any more, I am celebrating his victory.

Anyone who knew Brian Connolly well was blessed by his Presence, by his Essence. Maybe we were all, each of us, one of his little “projects”. Or maybe he was ours’. Whatever the assignment, someone just completed his job. And this AND his life are worth celebrating! So this morning I have a mixed experience. My sadness blended together with a feeling of pride and celebration for my friend who did so very well. Yay Brian! You GO!


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