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Doing the Un-natural

I have a dear friend who is struggling, once again (still), with staying sober. Before I was about to go in to the hospital to visit them, I called another friend in sobriety for support.

He said there’s a guy at meetings he hears all the time say, “I am not even the littlest bit surprised when I hear another person has gone out and used and died. What I am amazed about is that you are here, in this room. Any of you!”

When I responded that, yes, indeed, the statistics certainly are against us. He said the greatest thing:
“Well – it is un-natural for an addict NOT to use!”

What a great (and true) statement.

It got me to thinking: as I approach 19 years clean in only 10 days now – about what else I do that is seemingly impossible. For instance, maybe it’s also quite un-natural for a mind to be manageable or to not think. To rest. And yet, we can do it.

And sometimes it is those un-natural things, then, that lead me to my greatest joys and freedoms. hmmm

Regardless, we do the un-natural and the amazing every day! We really are quite amazing!

Enjoy your possibilities today – for they are truly infinite!


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