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Hello there,

I had hoped that I was going to be able to update my blog and stay more connected while I was traveling this past couple of months. I was in Santa Barbara, then after 4 days went off to Hawaii to pack up my things from what has been my home there. I was back in No. CA for about 8 days and then off to Ukraine, home 5 and to Cape Cod for a week. WHEW!

I have been asekd so here it is:

Ukraine was absolutely fabulous. It was inspiring and mind-opening, as travel to foreign countries seems to always be for me… and a big part of this was simply appreciating where I live, so grateful for my friends and family and life here in northern CA. I met beautiful, sweet, amazingly open-hearted and loving people in Ukraine. It was so fabulous, both the time with the other Americankis I was with, but also with the Ukrainians I met.

I’ll get to posting some video – SO fun to sing my song ‘Joy and Peace’ in Russian, and awesome to hear any of them sung in two languages at one time. Such a heart-opening sweet time.

If you were one of the generous people who helped to support my music being there, through donations to TEMENOS, thank you so much! And everyone else,  thank you just for reading this blog.

I am so very grateful to be back in Northern CA. I am now moving to another part of town, but still in the same town I have grown to love so much. I am still very grateful to be in school as well. Right now I am grateful to be alive and living in California near so many people I love so dearly.

May we all remember what we have – for we all have so much!

Love and Blessings always.


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