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How Time Flies

I can not believe how much time has passed since I wrote in this blog! Yikes!

I have been to Hawaii, to both the Big Island and to Lanai and also to Mexico (to be there with my beloveds, David [husband] and Miguel [Ruiz]). Awesome blessing of a journey – all of it!

I have been reading a friend’s blog now and then, and THEY just have the littlest things in it! So I am doing that now…letting myself off the hook if I don’t have some grand inspirational message.

I have had a whole new level of experience of living IN the light AS the light of late though. But it is so challenging to write about it.

It seems to be tweaking my whole “create my own reality” thing. Cuz, in THAT awareness, what’s there to create? Everything’s done and perfect. So it has been an interesting dance.

Especially given that I am writing my new show (see August 2 blurbs all over this site) and am so very excited about that. And yet it is all true – all is perfect and all is well – and I am still creating new things…

And in the midst – it is also true – time flies!


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