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If I had to choose…I’d take…um…

I do think that the ultimate is to kiss with the truth. But there have been times, I know, when my intention to do so has felt more like a slap.

I have certainly been the one slapped with the truth at times! But I do notice that when it’s really a slap, the sting sometimes clouds my ability to feel through to the truth. Whenever someone has taken the care to communicate a truth with as much kindness behind their conscious intention, as much love as possible around the truth, I can let it in much sooner. And it just feels better!

But if I had to choose, I’d take…um…well, that’s easy, right? Slapped with truth any day over kissed with a lie! We’ve all had that yucky experience….icky-pooh! No thank you!

Kiss with Truth today, k?

But most of all: Let your self be kissed with the Truth of your own divine nature! There’s the best choice of all, in my opinion!

Love you…. m


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