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Just a Hello from Hawaii in the Midst of Change

This was actually written and didn’t get posted – oops – September 7, 2009

More change. What’s with that anyway?

Cruising along, thinking life is amazing, which of course it is. And WHAM!

There’s a line from ‘Kicking & Screaming (Down the Path of Transformation)’: “I get to thinking I can handle any old change. Then something new shows up. My life is rearranged, and suddenly I’m struggling and feeling so strange as I go kicking and screaming down the path of transformation.”

Whether it’s a new relationship, going back to school, or just a brand new consciousness, Life seems to continually cycle through the blasting of the old and the creating of new structures (as Miguel used to call them). Miguel was a master at blowing up structures. During my studies with him, right about the time we’d think we had his philosophy figured out, he’d completely change it. Perfect teacher! Just keeping us in surrender.

Life does that too, it seems. Life. Perfect teacher.


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