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Little Prizes from Spirit

I LOVE God’s amazing timing sometimes…
I had called our house in Hawaii when I was on the way to the airport, on my way here. I left myself a message to call some dear friends of ours’ whom I was missing and wanting to connect with. It had been about 4 or 5 months since we had connected at all.

And today? They called us here! They were in Santa Rosa and were wanting to connect with us. We missed them there but got to connect on the phone, and I didn’t even have to dial!

Don’t you just LOVE those synchronistic timing things?

Okay – but then we had an extra-added fun thing tonight after I’d written this, this morning.

My husband, David’s, cousin and his wife had been planning to come visit us here in Hawaii this coming weekend. We were all set to have them here Saturday night – and then we found out that they had ended up in a B’nB in our town, without even knowing it was “our town” (we hadn’t given them our address here yet). Anyway – so we were up in town tonight – taking a walk and decided now that we knew that they were staying just down the street, we wanted to see if we could connect with them, and maybe see them, BEFORE Saturday morning.

So we decided to head home and call them. We were about to get in the car and head down the hill and David said, “you know – we should just LOOK in the restaurant first, just in case.” Well- you may have guessed. Yup. There they were.

So we just sat down and joined them for dinner!
It was so beautiful and amazing! David said, when I was acknowledging the power of it, and of “listening and following”… “Yeah, it’s not often I get to one-up my psychic wife.”

It was definitely one of those “little prizes from Spirit” kind of days! Don’t you just LOVE those?


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