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Live together as brothers or perish together as fools.

This past Sunday, at the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, I heard a quote that made me go “mmm.” Profound and powerful, as so many of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s remarks are, this one struck me deeply:

“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.” 

As I learn to love my self more fully – with the practice of not rejecting any aspects or emotions of ”me” that I don’t like – of loving even those places – I grow in my ability to do the same for others. It seems so natural, this evolution. And yet there have certainly been times when I have tried to have compassion for someone else when I could not yet accept the same thing in me. It hasn’t gone well.

Actually, I have found that if I want to know what I have not yet come to be able to love in myself, I can simply watch for what drives me crazy about other people. Ouch. I just hate that!

 I just wanted to share that quote because it touches me so deeply. And to support myself through writing this, as this blog does seem to do, in seeing into it  a little differently and more deeply.

And so I get another day today, of practicing loving my self. Then I can see how well I can let my self be – just how I am in any given moment – allowing me to do the same for others. Such a simple thing – such a lifetime practice.

Blessings to you. May you love you more today than ever before – right where you are – with all of your stuff. May you love your stuff into healing. May you love.


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