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One little phrase that says it all…

Last weekend, I attended a wonderful retreat for school. In a ceremony at the end, nine of us officially became seniors.

It was a short ritual. But it reminded me of the power of ceremony. After that little event, it hit me: This is going to be finished for me – this walk of school – all the time, the money, papers, reading, tests, panels, time, money, time, money… It is going to be complete! In fact, specifically, on June 14, 2014….finished…

It reminds me, again, of that one little phrase that says it all. I turn to it in challenging times – I sometimes prefer NOT to recall it in the midst of happy days – but it’s always true: This too shall pass.

“It has come to pass.” IT being every-thing! :-)

And yet – there is the One – right in the midst and through it all – the never-changing, ever-changing One Thing. Right there – right here….always…

I am grateful for yet another reminder to be available for each moment. Because – oops – there it goes… and it is so sweet to remember that through every one is The One….

And YAY (in this case) for things passing – cuz I feel quite ready to be finished with school! :-)

Blessings to your moments this day and always, m


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