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Recalculating Route

Have you ever used one of those GPS systems with audio? Whenever you go in some direction other than what the program had in mind, it will say “recalculating route.” It’s quite a bit robotic and can be very funny, especially if you’re with someone and lost and punchy…for instance.

This message can be quite reassuring when you’re lost. First of all, you know you just took a turn IT didn’t have in mind for you to take! But there are times when it’s actually better to go another way than it thinks. In those times, it can be quite entertaining regardless.

This is my new favorite sayings for life. As I get to thinking I have some direction or goals I am heading toward, and then the Universe comes along and POOF, off I go down some completely unplanned and maybe even unpaved path! You know the moments I am talking about, right?

You think you’re going to do x, y and z in the next few hours, or weeks, or years, and then suddenly that is NOT what is happening ANY more!

There is often a time lag for me, the time during which I am updating my internal program. I guess you could say that I am moving through the phases of grief as I let go of the dream of what was to be.

In these moments (or months or years, as the case may be) I now have a new phrase: “Recalculating Route.” If I remember to say it with just enough of that GPS robotic sound, it can make me smile, even in the midst of resisting the change.

It reminds me that all that is really is happening is an adjustment. Soon I will have a new route I THINK I am headed on. Then I can feel secure again – until the next time I might need to be “recalculating route.”


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