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Save Every Little Drop

Today I started writing songs for this children’s project I am joining in on with my brother, Randy, and his business partner (and my dear friend) Murray. This first CD will be all environmental songs for kids…and I started today by writing a song about conserving water.

The thing is that while I was writing, I forgot how literal kids can be. One of the lines was “save every little drop of rain”, but then it was pointed out to me that this could very well really freak children out. A picture was painted of them watching the water go down the drain and crying, thinking they were really doing it wrong, letting anything go down the drain.

I was wondering, then. How close can we, as adults, get to this…without the freaking out part, of course. It just made me wonder. How much water COULD I save in little things I do.

I read that every person who turns off the water while brushing their teeth saves 50 GALLONS of water a WEEK! For a family of four, that’d be 520,000 GALLONS of water saved in a YEAR! JUST by turning off the water while brushing our teeth! GOODNESS! (Literally)

Where else can I be a little closer to the freaked out kid I imagined (and will rewrite the words to avoid creating), all the while doing it with love, not fear? I can choose to be aware and love the planet in so many little (and big) ways, without ever doing it from fear. Just “loving Her”. And making a big difference doing little things seems pretty easy, after all!

Just some rambling thoughts…as I get ready to brush my teeth and head to bed.
Good night!


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