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Seeing the finish line…

Yesterday, I posted on Facebook about my challenges due to “Senioritis” with school. It has been especially difficult to get myself to get to the work, especially writing papers. The support I received shifted things for me! At the end of the day, I felt lighter about it all, more capable. I was gonna make it to that finish line after all!

This morning, Z and I scheduled in our calendars – the infamous EXAMS.

These are six, two-hour “opportunities” (word ☺) for reflecting upon ALL we’ve learned in this long, intense, and fabulous Masters in Consciousness Studies program.

Yup. You heard me. Twelve HOURS of comprehensive tests.

Okay. So it COULD be an option to stress out…again
…more, about school.

Odd as it is, this is NOT my response this morning. I am finding myself very grateful. Excited. I think am experiencing what runners encounter after a long race. We probably all have had this, when turning that (proverbial) corner and actually SEEING the finish line! Right?


Even I can do THIS much more!

This thing is going to freakin’ END!

And, by God, I am going to make it!

May this serve as a reminder when we are in the midst of something that is challenging.

You know that lovely (sometimes annoying) phrase, “This too shall pass”?

There have been days when the school work was a drudge, times when it was enthralling, moments of yawning. Each moment there’s been a shift. Each moment truly passed.

And THIS part?

Even as I am heading up this last huge hill. Still…

Seeing the finish line?

This is FUN!

Remind me I said this when January (and the start of those exams) hits. Okay?


And – in case you need the reminder yourself – keep going! YOU CAN DO IT!


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