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Starting a new thing!

Well – here I am, writing my first ever blog! WooHOO!

I know this makes me sound old, but I remember the day when none of us even HAD e-mail. Even days when we had to handwrite things! Goodness – that was, indeed, WAY “back in the day”. (Not sure: Is “back in the day” now a back in the day kind of saying?)

Anyway – it’s 2008. And here I am, on my flight to Hawaii, typing away on my fabulous laptop in order to stay ever more connected with YOU! What a miracle! And they just keep on coming too (the miracles I mean)!

I was told recently to be sure I don’t wait until I have profound things to say in order to sit down and write on this blog. It was quite freeing actually. I think that must be why I have resisted for so long. How can I possibly be deep and fresh and wise on a daily or weekly or regular basis? Oh yeah – I CAN just be ME on a daily basis! Share “her” with YOU – and there we are – profoundly fresh and real whether or not wise.

So welcome to a new world, I say to me and you both. Welcome to my blog!


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