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Sweet Release

Today I am reminded – Releasing resistance is a key to happiness in EVERY LITTLE THING! This morning I watched myself struggle with this small issue. The pair of pants I’d sewn for X-mas Eve Services at Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa don’t work! Oh dear God….It felt like such a HUGE thing to me last night, when I discovered this!

Okay sure, I have to make a new plan. And find the time to do that plan…. But, seriously? My chattering-mind wanted to make this a tragedy! And beat myself up for it too, you know, as long as the door was open. :-)

And now, once again, I feel the sweet release of allowing….When I let go, I feel this sweet release whether I’ve let go of a small things, or larger – same letting go and letting things be as they are – Saying to Spirit, “Okay…” Same sweet release.

“Yes, and…..” :-)
And I am reminded of my own lyrics:

As I say a tender “Yes”
to everything that comes to me,
my heart is open – I am free.
I open to All That Is,
it brings me to me knees.
I surrender.
I am Peace.

May you release resistance today…in things large and small, and find the Peace that is right where you are, waiting for you to notice it.


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