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Tenacity as a Spiritual Practice


te·na·cious (adjective)

1. determined or stubborn – tending to stick firmly to a decision, plan, or opinion without changing or doubting it

2. persistent – persisting for a long time and difficult to change, destroy, or get rid of

In my very first video blog, recorded about a week ago (no, not yet posted) I talked about choosing goals and intentions that we can be tenacious with. It’s been one of my favorite words lately. I do that with words. Tenacious is a great one.

I decide to be tenacious about something. It changes my level of intention to a higher level. It’s a good thing for me. Supportive. Inspiring.

And so I recorded the blog on my new video camera. And then I went to easily upload it to youtube and my site. And what did I find? Apple incompatibility issues. It happens with Mac computers and other devices sometimes.

So I have been, now and then, an hour here and an hour there, going on Google and searching, going to various threads of conversations –– technical support and advice galore….joining certain threads and then trying to find the thread again where I swear I might have found the perfect solution. At first I would get all excited about a new solution, run to the store for the cable, run home and try it. Now I am not running, but I will continue to walk through this until it is solved!

Why? Because I have decided to be tenacious about it!

How does one decide to be tenacious about something, you ask?

By talking to myself, like this:

  • “I WILL get this figured out. And when I do it‘s going to be so fun and easy!
  • I’ll be able to record and post little video blogs – and say “hi” to you and sing to you through the internet – kind of  like “in person”!
  • How fun will that be? VERY FUN!

With this kind of dialogue in my mind, I am holding fast to this vision. And by golly, you’re sure to start seeing video blogs here soon! And it is all going to be worth the time and energy and intention!

And so this is my invitation to you – indeed, to us all. I invite us to notice the thing we most want to have or become.  And in addition to practicing believing that we can be that, we remind ourselves why we want to. Regularly.

We ask ourselves, “What’s it going to be like, to be this new me, having this thing? What will I feel?”

It takes attention and consistency to change old habits. Whether it’s old habits around eating, spending or talking to yourself, it will take consistent attention to do it in a new way. This practice of asking myself “How will it be?” reminds me that the consistency of practicing a new way of being is worth it!

This is what I am calling Tenacity as a Spiritual Practice.

By holding the vision front and center in my mind’s eye, I support myself in continuing new behaviors. New behaviors that will allow the new dream (or new me) to show up. And then, wild as it seems, it feels like magic.

May your new year – and every day – be filled with magic!


2 Responses to “Tenacity as a Spiritual Practice”

  1. Barbara Stafford
    January 3, 2011 at 00:57

    Beautiful blog post, Melissa! I’m also working with tenacity and perseverance right now. And I agree, Tenacity is a Spiritual Practice!

  2. Melissa Phillippe
    January 3, 2011 at 07:24

    Thanks so much Barbara. May we both persevere in all the most peaceful and surrendered ways… :-)

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