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The Next Big Thing

It’s amazing to me to watch people’s lives unfold. It’s entertaining to me to see how clear it is. We create an opening within ourselves to a new level of good and then it comes to us. But in between, we work it, if we are working it (or maybe it works us) until it seems like a completely fitting thing to be in our life.

What I mean is that we stretch. When we “do our work” we stretch our minds. We are stretching our receiving of the Good that was actually already abundantly available. This is my experience of it.

We get a new idea of something – some new experience we want. Then we need to stretch our own mind. If it were already within what we could comfortably receive, it would simply show up immediately. More often, we need to consciously shift our thinking in order to come to a place where we understand that our having this would not be shocking or amazing at all.

I have watched this over and again in my own life. I pray for something. Something that seems like the answer to the prayer shows up and it shocks me. It’s BIG for me! Then it backs away somehow and takes months to actually come through or happen. And then by the time it is actually a reality in my life, it doesn’t even seem like a big deal at all. 

Well, guess why it took a while to happen all the way? Because I was still readying myself for it!

What is the next big thing for you? Can you practice knowing that you already have it and get used to the having-ness? I highly recommend it! For this will change your own relationship with it and turn you into the magnet that will draw it to you.

So often when things show up this way, it feels like magic. But really, as magical as it does feel, it is simply “the way it works”.

So work it! Heck. It’s really fun anyway, in the meantime! And the Universe will make it better than we could have created, if we allow it. Magic, indeed! So have a magical day.

Love and Blessings,



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