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Q&A – Working with Melissa as a Transformational Coach

Q. I’ve been stuck on the same issue for years. Can you help me heal it?

A. Yes! Many people come to me after years of working on an issue – without being able to change it. I’ve found that spiritually based tools often create powerful transformation where other methods have failed. We’ll work together to find the tools that create change for you.

Q. What if my problem seems too big for a spiritual solution?

A. If you are willing to try the practices that we will explore, you will find nothing is too big for the Divine to heal. I have personally overcome immense trauma and addiction using these same tools when nothing else was working.

Q: How soon can I expect to feel better?

A: You may not feel better immediately if you are working on an issue like grief, but most people notice a positive difference in their lives right away. Where you were stuck before, now you are moving forward on your healing journey. And you have my loving support every step of the way.

No matter where you are – even in the midst of a deep crisis – the good news is that life gets better and better when you have a spiritual practice. As you keep moving forward, you begin to realize you can change your life. One day, you will be able to live in complete freedom and happiness!

Q: Is there work I can do on my own to speed up the process?

A: Absolutely. In fact, we create practices that you commit to doing on your own to further your growth and healing. These might include: daily meditation and visualization, reading, study and journaling or writing.

Choosing to embrace these practices will tremendously empower your transformation. Indeed, much of the success of our work together depends on your personal spiritual practice and the work you do between our sessions.

If you have a busy schedule, we’ll work together to design a program that you feel is realistic for you to commit to.

Q: What about other tools that could help me – like ritual or chants?

A. Rituals and chants are two very powerful ways to further your healing and growth. I’ve used ritual and ceremony to help myself and others mark significant life passages and transitions – a loved one’s passing, a wedding, a divorce, a career change or job loss, a new beginning. I also use the power of chant to help bring about personal change – and can create a custom chant for your specific issue.

Q: How long will I need to keep working with you?

A: People have worked with me anywhere from a few sessions to years. The tools for changing your life you receive in our work together help you continue your growth far beyond our sessions.

Q. Are you a therapist? How is this different from therapy?

A. I’m not a licensed therapist. Although I do create the same kind of safe, confidential space that allows for self-discovery and healing.

My work is based on spiritual teachings, not psychological theory. We use positive prayer and spiritual practices as our primary healing tools. I have found these to be profoundly transformational. And I continue to hold you in prayer for at least 10 days after our session.

Q. Can I see you if I already see a therapist?

A. Absolutely. Our work together will support your work with a therapist, and vice versa. If you are in a serious crisis or are suicidal, I may recommend that you seek therapy or other resources I can direct you to.

Q: Do you work with couples?

A: Yes. Powerful transformational is possible when a couple works together. I am always heartened to see the love between people deepen as a result of being on a shared path.

Q: My issues are private. Are sessions confidential?

A: Everything said in a session is confidential. There are two exceptions; If you tell me about a current child or elder abuse situation, I am required by law to report it.

Q: How do you do long-distance coaching?

A: We will meet either on the phone or using Skype.

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