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Ukraine Post 2

It’s been an intense time for me of late but I just completed another quarter of school and am catching up on things, including posting another blog. I never really know if anyone reads these, then every once in a while, someone will say something about something they read here. It always shocks me a little, but in a good way!

Here is another excerpt from my Ukraine journey a few months ago. It may be the last one, we’ll see. This one is from much later in the journey – when we were already at the Scienc of Mind Convention and the participants were about to arrive:

Tonight we did a ritual.Peter and Ira and I were in a group together and our word (to hold and be with all week) was freedom. We walked the labyrinth with that word in mind…a beautiful, amazing labyrinth of stones painted bright (florescent!) green – then with glow lights out there, it was amazing – right by the sea too. Quite something. So we all walked it tonight.

Right away I got off the little path, took a wrong step and poof – lost my way.  I was told and guided back on by the guy who made the labarynth (I thought this was particularly entertaining – you know – as an external manifestation or symbol of getting off the path in life – guided back on by “the guy who made it”– as in Spirit). Anyway, I got back on track and stayed on, even helping the woman in front of me a couple of times… That also seemed quite symbolic.

I became more aware of the moment to moment choice available to me. Freedom is an ongoing choice… Not just a moment where I get free and then stay there cuz I “made it!”

Miguel did tell me point blank that I am already free. And I do know this. I also understand it and  know that I have the ability to be free – and that it is only a matter of degrees of freedom – levels of expression as I maintain levels of intention.

Calling this quality in for the week ahead, with people coming tomorrow and knowing that I can infuse this space with my intention for their experience of increased freedom, was all a beautiful thing. This awareness thing – so rich with layers and loveliness! :-)


2 Responses to “Ukraine Post 2”

  1. Ron L. Welsh
    April 9, 2010 at 10:45

    Hi Melissa,
    I enjoyed this story. I just listened to your song, “The Healing Storm”; Fabulous, I loved it.
    Ron L. Welsh

  2. melissa
    April 9, 2010 at 20:34

    Thanks, Ron.
    Fun to have you here! AND hear! :-)

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