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Q&A - What's it like to work with Melissa as a vocal Coach?


Practicing is easy and fun. I send you home each session with a recording of your singing and recorded notes.

Vocal Coaching

Have you always dreamed of singing, but been too afraid to go for it? Already singing but want to be more confident?

No matter how experienced - or inexperienced - a singer you are, I can support you in achieving your singing dreams! I will design a program specifically for your needs and desires.

I've been coaching singers and performers for over 25 years. I've always made my living from performing professionally and teaching. I still love doing both. I passionately enjoy teaching you techniques and tools that give you freedom throughout your singing range and allow you to express yourself more fully in your singing.

Facilitating your joy and self-expression as a singer is my greatest blessing!

"When I began to see Melissa as a voice coach, I was afraid to sing in front of her because I wasn't a strong singer. Her gentleness and encouragement brought me out of my shell and helped me grow as a performer."

- Steph Martin

"My time with Melissa has blessed me and my life in music tremendously. Over the past several years, I have released 3 CDs of original material. Studying with Melissa allowed me to feel the confidence both in my singing and in my songwriting to do this."

- Steve Smith (www.SteveSmithMusic.Net)

"Melissa helped me find my voice. Within a very short time, my singing voice went from a whisper to a strong, confident voice. Then we started exploring my abandoned songwriting efforts. Thanks to Melissa, today I am moving forward in my career as a professional songwriter!"

- Devra Wolf

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I can help you:

  • Immediately gain greater freedom, power, control and range
  • Know your voice and learn what songs are best for you in what keys
  • Sing music you love with your own sound and style
  • Record in a digital recording studio
  • Master vocal embellishments (acrobatics)
  • Learn how to project a powerful stage presence

Note: I do vocal coaching in person and/or using Teleconference/Skype.

Contact me to set up your first vocal coaching session