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Who is the real love of my life?

I admit it. I am in love.

This love has blessed my life in more ways than I can say, and more ways than I even know! This love has allowed me to be more at peace in each moment, knowing that I am completely safe in the world. That was something I did NOT used to know! :-)

This love allows me to walk each day SO grateful for the amazing gifts of my life that seem to go on and on in a never-ending stream of blessings.

This love allows me to love my lil self more and more fully, radically even, every day. And as I grow in my love for my self, I feel more and more comfortable with a better and better life. And then, like “magic,” I HAVE a better a better life!

So. Who is the real love of my life? Please, forgive the Valentine’s Day faux pau as I celebrate the true number one love in my life – my beloved, divine Spirit.

It is Spirit who has blessed me with enough courage and self-esteem to be so in love with my wife, too! And so today I celebrate both the love of my life, and the Love that is Life Itself.

So, whether you celebrate it with a person, with your own most lovable self, or both, Happy Valentine’s Day to you!


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