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I love teaching workshops to audiences of all sizes. I am currently offering the following transformational workshops.

Spiritual and Transformational Workshops

The Five Agreements and the Toltec Path to Freedom

I am a Mentor of the Toltec Path personally trained by don Miguel Ruiz – author of “The Four Agreements” and co-author of “The Fifth Agreement.” The Toltec Path is an ancient Mexican mystery school filled with specific tools and practices for awakening and accepting the reality of Life and Truth in order to deepen your experience of your own divinity.

This workshop is filled with wonderful and practical tools you can use to access your personal freedom. It’s also heart-opening and fun!

  • Learn powerful Toltec practices that heal old wounds and expand personal freedom.
  • Discover specific steps and processes for changing your beliefs.
  • Take ‘The Five Agreements’ to a whole new level of understanding, knowledge and practice.
  • Have fun learning new ways of thinking about yourself.

Join me as I share from my 15+ years of Toltec wisdom how to return to your personal freedom!

The Peace Practice
The Peace Practice is one of my favorite workshops to present. It is a wonderful and powerful two-hour heart, soul and body experience. Dive into the peace and joy of the authentic heart through:

  • singing
  • meditating and
  • sufi-style dancing

Join us for an event filled with fun and love. Know yourself fully as the Divine!

“The Peace Practice gave me a glimpse of what it feels like to surrender to your own power and beauty. It’s great!”
- Carole Kramer

Relationship Beyond Your Wildest Dreams
Led by me with my wife, Z Egloff

Do you desire to be in a relationship with someone you adore who adores you? Do you want greater joy and romance in your current relationship?

This workshop is perfect for singles and couples, gay and straight. Come explore, gather tools, and deepen your understanding of the Divine as the relationships in your life. You deserve connections beyond your wildest dreams!

The workshop is based on Z and my personal success in creating a relationship beyond our wildest dreams. Using our love and devotion for Spirit through one another, and our years of training in communication, we are living a blissful life of fun and romance. Relationship is a path that has deeply served each of us in our individual awakening.

Connection, Community and Consciousness
This workshop is often presented as a women’s event

Laugh and play, deepen connections and know yourself more fully as the Divine! This can either be an ongoing series of monthly gatherings or a one-time event based on a particular theme. I can create meditations, activities and exercises geared specifically for the theme of your choice.

Our time together includes:

  • chanting
  • prayer
  • meditation and
  • a wonderful array of life-changing experiences.

This is a wonderful time of fun, heart-opening peace you won’t want to miss.

Music Workshops

Sing Your Prayers
Speaking your prayers is powerful. Singing them brings you to Spirit even faster. That’s why people have been singing their prayers for thousands of years. Come join us and reclaim your divine voice. We create a space in which you’ll find it free and easy to spontaneously sing what’s deepest in your heart and affirm your greatest good. This is a fun, creative and powerful experience. Whether or not you think you can sing – you can, and will! There is no need to be on key for Spirit, for the Divine hears you always!

Powerful Stage Presence for Practitioners and Presenters

This safe, supportive, fun workshop – limited to small groups – helps people pray, speak or sing on stage with comfort and self-confidence.
You’ll gain:

  • Develop a more dynamic, effective, stage presence.
  • Experience greater self-expression and joy on stage
  • Allow your authentic self to connect with and inspire the audience
  • Learn to use fear and stage fright as valuable tools.
  • Improve your ability to establish rapport with your audience.
  • Lots of opportunity for practice with video feedback

Powerful Stage Presence for Singers
This 2-Day Performance Workshop helps choir members and music teams increase their comfort and self-confidence on stage.
You’ll learn how to:

  • Become a more dynamic, effective, and powerful singer
  • Experience greater self-expression and joy while singing
  • Learn to use fear and stage fright to your advantage
  • Gain deeper insights into a song
  • Improve your ability to establish rapport with your audience.
  • Have fun learning in a safe and supportive environment

“This single workshop changed my life as a performer. The improvement in my stage presence is dramatic. My songs have taken on a life of their own and truly burst unbridled from the depths of my soul.”
- Bruce Eckelman, Singer/Songwriter, Portland, Oregon

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